• Graphic Design

    by Guru 1 Lessons

    A very well training video designing vector files with adobe illustrator. Learn how to design and convert your files to many different formats. Every week we have new videos showing you how to create beautiful designs.

  • WordPress Design Websites

    by Guru 0 Lessons

    Learn how to create beautiful websites with WordPress, This Course is on going. New content is added every week. Will give you all the fundamentals to learn how to create full websites with the powerful WordPress Platform. You can’t miss out on this great online course. You can go back and review until you are able to master how to […]

  • Web Hosting Reseller

    by Guru 0 Lessons in

    This is a very intensive web hosting reseller educational. Video’s and other great resources are used; to give you the best fundamental of how to create your own web hosting company. Yes, with this courses and lessons you will be able to own your web hosting website and make money online. Recurring passive profits for life.

  • Let's Learn Spanish

    by Guru 1 Lessons in

    Learn Spanish with us. Many great videos from English to Spanish! Learning is easy and fun! Many other great resources with our greatest video collections.

  • Learn English / Aprender Ingles Se A Dicho

    by Guru 1 Lessons

    Let’s learn English Here – Spanish to English Learning Courses and Lessons. Vamos a prender ingles classes aqui. Mire videos para aprender ingles con nosotros. Unas clases de video my intensivas para que usted aprienda ingles ya, si HOY!

  • SEO, Analytical & Marketing

    by Guru 0 Lessons in

    Learn how to create Analytical and SEO for your website plus a whole lot more. A very Intensive Video Course Tutorials. A ongoing Marketing and SEO Video educational course. Videos are uploaded every week to teach you the secrets and fundamentals of proper SEO and social marketing and advertising.

  • Introduction, Free Promotions

    by Guru 0 Lessons in

    This section is free so you can see how my website works and what you can learn. We will have a great website for you, where we can all learn together, plus teach. If you are a teacher or anyone who knows IT or any special knowledge; please subscribe as a teacher and you can share your teaching. You will […]

  • Espanol Version - Sitio Webs Disenos

    by Guru 0 Lessons in

    Aqui es para todos los que hablamos espanol – aprender se a dicho! Aprienda como se ase un sitio web, vamos a ser unos prendedores con su propio sitio web. Videos que le van a ensenar como vamos a construir su propio website. Es muy fácil solo mire los videos y aprenda. 

  • Website Design

    by Guru 18 Lessons in

    Learn how to create website’s with drag and drop builders or HTML or with PHP. A great way to learn from nothing to a professional webmaster. You will get all the fundamentals and knowledge on how to properly build you own website’s or future client’s.

  • How To Make Money Online

    by Guru 0 Lessons in

    How To Make Money Online I know you want to learn the secrets on how to make money online the right way. The truth about how to make money online. Learn the secrets today with this course. A new video every week on how you can create a passive income. You must do the work, lots of work is required, […]


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